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WillowBlueCoverLike my short stories here?

Let me try that again.

Do you LOVE my short stories here?

Then you’ll be giddy to know that I’ve just released my second collection of stories in WILLOW BLUE and Other Stories.

My first collection, PERPETUAL BULLET, was originally released exclusively on Barnes & Noble for about 90 days, after which, it was available at eBook retailers everywhere.

WILLOW BLUE is released on exclusively on Amazon for 90 days, so it’s available for every Kindle and every Kindle app. The Kindle app is a free download to your mobile or computer so you can read it even if you don’t own a kindle mobile.

WILLOW BLUE has five stories all written in my impeccable style which you have all come to know and endure!

What will you find inside?

Willow feels responsible for Deena’s bizarre death.
During a quick stop at a convenience store, Paul faces a murderer.
A government protected agent can’t escape his own guilt.
The Immortal Riessa is forcing her lover’s body to mutate.
And another chilling tale of the child, Ankar.

Weird Sex, True Love, Monsters and Mayhem! A collection of stories about hunger and need – in life and beyond the grave.

WillowBlueCoverWant more? Get my book
WILLOW BLUE and Other Stories
Featuring five stories of Weird Sex, True Love, Monsters and Mayhem!
By E.C. McMullen Jr.
Now on sale for $2.99 and available for your Android Tablet, iPad, Kindle, Nook, and every other “E”!
Find it at exclusively at Amazon,for the next 90 days.

PERPETUAL BULLET: A Science Fiction Collection
A trove of previously published Science Fiction Horror Thriller – plus bonus stories
Featuring: Weird Sex, True Love, Monsters and Mayhem!
Available at online retailers everywhere

My story Cedo Looked Like People, is in the 2013 anthology, FEAR THE REAPER, edited by Joe Mynhardt and available in Paperback and eBook.