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UDMPAwardsIn 2009 I worked as Production Designer and Art Director on the Science Fiction Horror Thriller webseries, UNIVERSAL DEAD. It starred Doug Jones, Gary Graham, and D.B. Sweeney.

It was written and produced by my bro and long-time Feo Amante’s Horror Thriller alumni, Kelly Parks, and released as a webseries in 2010, where it became an Internet hit.

Eventually, Kelly had it re-edited into a short film, and it began sweeping film festivals, finally winning the 2013 winning the LAWebfest, and competed in the Marseilles, France Worldfest (representing the U.S.), later that year.

Now UNIVERSAL DEAD is again nominated in a film festival, and the San Diego Film Awards have nominated me for Best Costume and Makeup.

You know, I’ve been so focused on helping UNIVERSAL DEAD  become a TV series or feature film, I never gave any thought to the idea of my winning an award.

Yet now that I know I’m nominated? I want to win!

If you’re in the San Diego area and plan to attend, IF  I should  win, my award will be accepted by Kelly Parks.

News by E.C. McMullen Jr.

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Moving forward on our Science Fiction SteamPunk teaser trailer for Jimmy Digg’s “Spotlight On Crypto-History.”

Shooting at Peter D’s in San Diego! Jimmy Diggs watches as I mix the blood. Yes, he’s worried if we really need that much blood!


Okay, we’ve got our bad guy on the floor and bleeding. thanks Russel (Russell Lender)!
As for everyone else. I’ll need you over here. You right there, and you? I need you to GTFO!


The Crew!
Feo Amante (Producer, Director, Actor), Robert Djxehro Betancourt, Mark O’Bannon (Actor), Jared Lamp, Jimmy Diggs Creator, Writer, Producer, Actor), Robert E Jones (Gun Props), Russell Lender (Assistant Director, Actor), Mike Collins  Jr., Cyprian Iwuaba, and Micheal Collins Sr. (Producer, Cameraman).

Okay. I’ll need to see you all tomorrow in Heritage Park in Old Town San Diego!


Heritage Park – The Heroes:
Jimmy Diggs as Professor Jimmy Diggs. Feo Amante as Dr. Feo Amante! Mark O’Bannon as Mark O’Bannon!

There was also this mysterious woman who showed up while we were shooting and became an instant fan. Go figure. At least she was dressed right for the period, kinda.

We shot our movie at Gunpoint!

Next call time is today at 2:00pm!


Exciting developments are happening with our Steam Punk Science Fiction series, “Spotlight On Crypto-History”.

We are starting to draw attention from some parties who have caught word of what we are doing.  Currently, we are associating with Michael Collins at Lolly Lane Studios in Lemon Grove, CA.

Jimmy Digg’s Spotlight on Crypto-History is a series of interviews with some of our past’s most dynamic figures, which soon becomes a critical mission to preserve the timeline they must create.

Who are the Crypto-Historians? They are temporal adventurers from different eras of earth’s past. We are to history what Indiana Jones is to Archeology.

If you are visiting the San Diego Comic-con this year, come see the panel, SELF-PUBLISHING: Exploring the E-Frontier! Thursday, May 12 from 1:30 to 2:30pm in Room 4 of the Convention Center. Panelists include Writer, Artist, and filmmaker, E.C. “Feo Amante” McMullen Jr. (horrorthriller.com, PERPETUAL BULLET), Writer & Actor Jimmy Diggs (STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE, STAR TREK VOYAGER), and Writer Marc Zicree (STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION, BABYLON 5, STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE, SLIDERS). Panel is hosted by Writer & game designer Mark O’Bannon (FANTASY IMPERIUM, THE DREAM CRYSTAL).

E.C. McMullen Jr. and Jimmy Diggs

E.C. McMullen Jr. and Jimmy Diggs

Earlier on Thursday, starting at 10:00am, I’ll also be at the Sail Pavilion at the DRAWING DEAD autograph booth AA20 with screenwriter and movie producer Kelly Parks (THE CRUSADER, UNIVERSAL DEAD, the upcoming THE SORROW). DRAWING DEAD is in pre-production. My poster design for DRAWING DEAD will be autographed for free! DRAWING DEAD will star Doug Jones (PAN’S LABYRINTH, HELLBOY), Gary Graham (HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS, ALIEN NATION, ROBOT JOX, STAR TREK ENTERPRISE), and Chris Staviski (CHILLERAMA). DRAWING DEAD will be directed by Colin Cunningham (THE 6th DAY, DaVINCI’S INQUEST, Steven Spielberg’s FALLING SKIES).

DRAWING DEAD will also feature music by composer Boris Zelkin (IF… DOG… RABBIT, UNIVERSAL DEAD) and Special Effects Make-up by Johnnie Saiko (HOLLOW MAN, THE 6th DAY, MONSTER MAN [TV]).

The DRAWING DEAD autograph booth will go from 10:00am to 2:00pm and is expected to have surprise guests dropping by!


The San Diego Comic-Con is the largest genre convention on the planet, and I’ll be there supporting my eBook, PERPETUAL BULLET!

On Thursday, July 12 between 1:30pm and 2:30pm, I’ll be speaking on the panel, Self-Publishing: Exploring the E-Frontier! In Room 4!

Hosted by Marc O’Bannon and featuring Star Trek’s Jimmy Diggs, and Babylon 5 and Sliders, Marc Scott Zicree!

For complete information, check out the day’s breakdown at SuperHeroHype.com.