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My answer,

With PROMETHEUS and COVENANT, Ridley Scott‘s ‘Ancient Astronauts: Seeds of Humanity’ arc, derailed, as Scott sought to graft the simplistic cosmos shrinking crack-pottery of Erich von Däniken‘s screeds with humans as the egocentric center.

There’s no room for imagination let alone wonder in such a place. There’s no room for story to grow, live, and breathe.

– But give it the boundless room of the Universe, and the ALIEN franchise can thrive.

My version would start after ALIENS and feature Ripley at the age Weaver is today.

Instead of having humans as the center, cause, or reason for everything, I’d expand upon the original idea that we are lost and unnoticed by the universe.

We are part of no one’s plan.

We’re stumbling blind in the dark and only come upon the horrors when we fly into their web.
E.C. McMullen Jr.

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