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Batman: “Something wrong?”
Feo: “Hm? Ah, nothing really.”
Batman : “Nothing really?”
Feo : “It’s no big deal.”
Batman : “You just seem out of sorts.”
Feo : “My leg is a little sore. Woke up with a muscle cramp today, that’s all.”
Batman : “Be thankful it’s just a leg cramp. You could have had both your parents shot in-“
Feo : “Oh Shut the Fuck Up already! Seriously! Nobody can fucking stub their god damn toe around here without you throwing down that ‘More Martyr Than Thou’ card!”
Batman : “I’m annoying people?”
Feo : “Duh!
Batman : “Be thankful you’re just annoyed. You could-“
Feo : “FUCK OFF!”