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Then What?


Luke: “Then what?”

Vader: “WHAT?!?”

Luke: “What happens after we rule the galaxy?”

Vader: “That’s it, son! Huhhhhhhh… That’s the endgame!”

Luke: “No it isn’t. That’s just the beginning! All of the military to hold onto the entire galaxy! Be honest. Our galaxy is 200,000 light-years across. It takes this Death Star a full life year just to travel 25,000 light years. That’s over 8 parsecs! Then…”

Vader: “Huhhhhhhh… You’re over-thinking this. We’ll have experts to figure all of this out. All rulers rule by delegating authority.”

Luke: “Who can we trust with that authority? Depending on where we send them, it could take years before we know if they’ve betrayed us.”

Vader: “No one will dare to betray the empire!”

Luke: “Pop! Listen to yourself. You’re ready to betray the Emperor, your Master, right this second.”

Vader: “Huhhhhhhh…”

Luke: “And how many times have you betrayed me already?”

Vader: “Yes, well that was… Huhhhhhhh… ”

Luke: “The way you keep talking about what ‘the Emperor has foreseen’, how do you know he hasn’t ‘foreseen’ what you’re doing right now?

Vader: “Huhhhhhhh… ”

Luke: “Look at how many decades the Emperor struggled just to get this far, and how much it damaged him, the trillions of followers he’s amassed, and he’s about to lose it all to us. And who the hell is following us? We’ll be traitors against both the rebellion *and* the Empire!”

Vader: “Huhhhhhhh… Okay, look, we can form a coalition together and caucus with the Emperor …”

Luke: “The Emperor would go for that? Really?!?

Vader: “Huhhhhhhh… No.”

Luke: “All of the infrastructure, the bureaucracy, the economics, the politics, the subterfuge, civil wars, counter-intelligence, distribution channels, cost-analysis ratios, and who knows how many others among the trillions that are as powerful as us, but are undetected because they’re too far away and we’re too busy farting around with power struggles. I mean, what’s the actual benefit of ruling an entire freaking galaxy?”

Vader: “You know, son. Huhhhhhhh… For a farmboy from some two-cred, hick desert planet, you sure have given this some thought.”

Luke: “Hey! Moisture farms are boring as hell. I had nothing else to do with my spare time *BUT* think about this crazy shit.”


FanFic 2018 by E.C. McMullen Jr.

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