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My Street At Night

I’m told my street is spooky at night.
The street lights just aren’t bright.
It’s like anything might come out of the dark
Sounds so strange they could stop your heart.
But me, I like it here.

MySpooky Street
Copyright 2018 E.C. McMullen Jr.

My Street by Day

I’m told my street is creepy by day
friends visit but don’t like to stay
It’s bound up in the thickest fog
Where things move and howl unlike a dog
But me, I like it here.

Copyright 2018 E.C. McMullen Jr.


WriterThey are the parts I love and the parts I hate.

They are the parts I admire and the parts I fear.

They are the parts I strive to be and the parts I’m ashamed of possessing.

They are the parts I’m glad I am and the parts I wish I never was.

They are the greatness I’ve achieved and the horrors I’ve committed, and all the beetling middles in between.

They are my public bravery and my private cowardice.

They are all the times I stood up for something and all the times I backed away.

They are the times I immediately knew I was the good guy, and the times I learned too late, that I was the bad guy.

They are my loyal heart and my roving eye.

They are my light, that I’ve learned to distrust.

They are my darkness, that I’ve learned to accept.

They are my compassion and my cruelty.

They are my truth. This is my honesty.


PumpkinBehold ye frail, mortal children! You have summoned my Terrible Wrath from the Dark Abyss!

Only so long as this Summoning Circle remains unbroken, can you avoid the Terror of my Awesome Might!
I will grant each of you three wishes, so that you may visit my Hellish Power upon thine enemies!
But know that using these wishes grants me the Damnable Torment of your Eternal Souls!
(sniff? sniff!)
Do I smell…? Wait! You summoned me through a …YOU SET THE SUMMONING CIRCLE ON FIRE?!?


Story Copyright 2013 by E.C. McMullen Jr.

Image by permission of Heather Gleason, from her upcoming Halloween Book filled with her art poems and Short Stories (but not this story), titled,
The Mysterious Spooky Stories Of My Eclectic Mind

Out this fall, 2013. Visit Heather at MyEclecticMind.com


ECI walked barefoot to take the trash out last night. The bag bumped up against the plastic garbage barrel and, before I could react, a snake whipped out from beneath the barrel, right across both bare feet, and off into the dark.

*Drama Button*

Now I realize how most people would react to this. I know how a lot of people would respond to reading this. And it’s not because I’m brave or anything that I responded the way I did.

The thing is…

I didn’t realize it was a snake until it had passed and I saw it slithering off, out of the porch light and into the night.

I didn’t even have time to do the little dance*, it was so fast.

It Happened! It was Over! It was Gone!

Which left me standing there, holding my bag of garbage, realizing only the history of what just happened, so that all that was left for me to do was say,


*Come on, you know that “little dance” we do when we get surprised by a spider or snake or a bee in the ear. We all have our own little dance: it’s what makes us unique.



Face 1: Why is that light shining right in my face?
Face 2: Why did you step right into the light?
Face 1: I …? (steps back into the dark) Oh.
Face 2 (steps back into the dark): Better?
Face 1: Yeah,  feel kinda dumb, though.
Face 2: I love you anyway.
Face 1: …
Face 2: You just made that face, didn’t you?
Face 1: What? No!
Face 2: Yeah, yeah.

Copyright 2013 by E.C. McMullen Jr.