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WriterThey are the parts I love and the parts I hate.

They are the parts I admire and the parts I fear.

They are the parts I strive to be and the parts I’m ashamed of possessing.

They are the parts I’m glad I am and the parts I wish I never was.

They are the greatness I’ve achieved and the horrors I’ve committed, and all the beetling middles in between.

They are my public bravery and my private cowardice.

They are all the times I stood up for something and all the times I backed away.

They are the times I immediately knew I was the good guy, and the times I learned too late, that I was the bad guy.

They are my loyal heart and my roving eye.

They are my light, that I’ve learned to distrust.

They are my darkness, that I’ve learned to accept.

They are my compassion and my cruelty.

They are my truth. This is my honesty.