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Post ten NON-POLITICAL opinions you have that are likely to be very unpopular.

They can be about food, history, science pop-culture, music, anything but politics.

I’ll Start –


These are the non-Political evidence-based opinions that I’ve been defriended for on Facebook –
1. George A. Romero had fast zombies in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. He had fast and invisible zombies in DIARY OF THE DEAD.

2. NEXUS remains the best superhero comic series ever.

3. AVATAR was not only the worst movie James Cameron ever directed, even SyFy channel has shown better work.

4. If you travel in time while held within the gravitational field of a sufficient cosmic mass / body (one with a gravitational field significantly stronger than your own body), you will remain in that field regardless of how far forward or backward you move in time. In physics, Space Time are two interlocking, but separate cogs, which work within the framework of the four forces of nature, and not the opposite. So unless your time machine is also an anti-grav machine…

5. A Matter Transmitter in THE FLY and STAR TREK sense (extraordinarily precise disassembling and reassembling of the atomic structure of living beings into the same living beings), isn’t as viably efficient a technology as transmitting matter whole from point A to point B via wormhole and String “bundling” (imaginatively launching from where we currently understand the concepts).

6. If you can upend physics by imagining that the dead can spontaneously return to life as seeing, hearing, mobile bipedal cannibals, capable of moving erect, balanced, and lasting for years, you can imagine them being fast .

7. We do not have a Bee die off Crisis, since the accuracy of research/counting of Bee populations / Colonies remains reproducible only when limited to Beekeepers and not the unknown but (in all likelihood) overwhelmingly larger populations of bees in the wild (which are virtually impossible to monitor thanks to their ever-changing nomadic lifestyle – though some scientists are trying).

8. The truth is, we love FIREFLY for what it could have become. We have settled for what it is: which is really good, but not great (I don’t care what you use to terraform your planet or moon, distance from its central star will either make it earthlike inhabitable or an unendurable hell. And the Bai Hu / White Sun system? The physics are faith-based).

9. Science Fiction Horror novels are more natural to each other than Supernatural Horror novels. The first Science Fiction novel was also the first Horror novel and the Horror trope of the Mad Scientist / Doctor has endured ever since.

10. Extending the human lifespan more than 10 times its current limit is not only possible, but environmentally desirable.

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ECI walked barefoot to take the trash out last night. The bag bumped up against the plastic garbage barrel and, before I could react, a snake whipped out from beneath the barrel, right across both bare feet, and off into the dark.

*Drama Button*

Now I realize how most people would react to this. I know how a lot of people would respond to reading this. And it’s not because I’m brave or anything that I responded the way I did.

The thing is…

I didn’t realize it was a snake until it had passed and I saw it slithering off, out of the porch light and into the night.

I didn’t even have time to do the little dance*, it was so fast.

It Happened! It was Over! It was Gone!

Which left me standing there, holding my bag of garbage, realizing only the history of what just happened, so that all that was left for me to do was say,


*Come on, you know that “little dance” we do when we get surprised by a spider or snake or a bee in the ear. We all have our own little dance: it’s what makes us unique.