Lemme tell you something…


Back in 2012, after decades of searching, I finally found out who They were.


They were so arrogant, so smug in their anonymity, that bypassing their security was a breeze.

They woke to find me, standing in the dark at the foot of their beds.

Their brazen over-confidence sold them out and I quickly executed every single one in the house.

They died cowering in screams and tears.

The noise of my unmerciful rampage brought the cops almost immediately, but not quick enough to stop me. I surrendered my weapons without incident and was handcuffed.

The arresting officers took a good long look around at my bloody carnage.

Then one said, “Wait… wait a minute. That’s … this is Them isn’t it?”

I shook my head. “No. This is They.”

“They?” said the other officer. “THE They?”

I nodded. Both officers took a second look.

“It really is…” the first whispered in awe. “Shit. It’s really They.”

A moment passed in silence. I felt the cuffs click off of my wrists.

“Go on…”

“Get out of here.”

I didn’t need to be told again. I got the hell out as fast as I could.

They were finished. All the misery: all the foul, evil things They said and They did was done. They would never control you, me, and the Dostoevskys of the world again.

That was a long time ago, but I’m not through yet.

I’m still looking for Them.


(inspired by Alessandra Bava)

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