Lemme tell you something…


Inspired by the real world news of –
Video: Harlem Church Angry At Obama For Unleashing “Homo Demons”

Satan’s Sinister Plan!
Copyright 2014 by E.C. McMullen Jr.


via JoeUnseen

Minion: “You mean all of them? Is it the Apocalypse? So soon?”
SATAN: “EH? Oh… No, no. Just some local mischief. “
Minion: “Still, that’s a tall order. Any particular ones, sire?”
SATAN: “Oh… I don’t know. What have we got?”
Minion: “We have pretty much everything sire. Every shape or hybrid of shape, and every color of the spectrum, from traditional red up to and including black and white.”
SATAN: “BLACK. Demons always look cool in black. It’s got that Matrix vibe. Tcha! Red is so 20th Century.”
Minion: “Black it is, sire.”
SATAN: “NO WAIT! I’m trying to scare black women. Hmm… better make it White Homo Demons.
Minion: “White it is sire.” *CLAP!* CLAP!* “Oh, Damned? I say, Damned! Attention, you Damned! Release the White Homo Demons!”

– A circle of Hell irises open and a horde of demons flood out. –

SATAN: “Eugh! Is that what they look like?”
Minion: “White as fresh snow, sire.”
SATAN: “But they’re so … pale!”
Minion: “Well, yes. Indeed sire.”
SATAN: And… ! Gah! What are they DOING? …  HELLS BELLS!  They’re WHIGGERS!
Minion: “You Damned fools! You released the White HOMEY Demons!”


Story by E.C. McMullen Jr.

ATLAH sign Photograph via: Joe Unseen.

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