Lemme tell you something…

Tim Minchin’s STORM

Cartoons aren’t your cup of tea?

Not sure if you should watch it? After all it’s 10 minutes long and that’s an awful long time in Internet years.

Tell you what

To help you a bit, watch the video pit: two main fictional characters at opposite polar-eters

Because the “Environmental medicines”
to which Tim Minchin refers,
and within this thread I infer,
are homeopathic and holistic ones.
Hold on, I’m not done.

As for “Natural medicine”
as Tim Minchin, In The Video this entire thread is about,
fully and wittily will point out
Are in full use in various forms including Aspirin.

Scientists, as with all humans are flawed
Some believe in Gawd

A great Astronomist like Fred Hoyle
Would find his blood boil
over the concept of evolution
as creation’s life solution

And though he looked beyond our star
He scoffed at something so bizarre
As a Big Bang to explain the creation of everything.

“No it has to be a super person!”
of this Fred was certain
And as a man of reason he wrestled with the treason
of a mind that saith he could not marry what he observed to faith.

But unlike politics and Hollywood stars and all of their celebutards
Science doesn’t crumble at the flaws of any single person or a group.
Hoyle’s great discoveries are not pushed under the coveries
for Science wins not by the perfect soldier or the troop

It’s only the merit of Science itself that reason begs
Not simply any professorial jerk
who refused to let Marie Curie work
not for her mind but for what was between her legs.

Now please watch the damn video already. It might brighten your day!


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