Lemme tell you something…


NewportFroGuy: “My cigarette is cold.”
FroGal: “So just light it, then.”
FroGuy: “Then it won’t be cold.”
FroGal: “Yeah, that’s the… Wait, are you just bitching to bitch about something?”
FroGuy: “Sigh! Yeah… I guess. I just can’t get past slavery.”
FroGal: “Slavery? Wait a minute! SLAVERY?!? There’s a hundred years of unjust shit that has happened to us since slavery! In the here! In the now, God damn it! And the people doing it Right Now are still Alive! Not dead for a f*cking century! God damn slavery? What about the Tuskeegee-?”
FroGuy: “I know! I know! If I could just get past slavery then I could address all of that shit. But… Man! Slavery, you know? And they didn’t just enslave the women, but they even enslaved us men!”
FroGal: “! ? ! ? !”
FroGuy: “Oh, baby! Don’t take that white feminist attitude. Women are supposed to be submissive to men and you know it. It’s in all the bibles and shit.”
FroGal: “Oh that’s it! F*ck off, pig! I’m going to go smoke a Virginia Slims!”
FroGuy: “Damn, woman! First white feminism and now white women’s cigarettes? You’re destroying the ‘Nation!”
FroGal: “F*ck! OFF!”

(Watching From A Distance at a Local Shop)

Phillip Morris: “Is the plan working, Edward?”
Madison Avenue Executive: “The plan is working beautifully!”


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