Lemme tell you something…


CowThis looks like a job for…

Mother: “My child needs breakfast and we’re all out of Milk!”
Accommodating Cow: “MOO!”
Child: “Look Mom! It’s Accommodating Cow!”
Mother: “Oh Accommodating Cow! Thank Goodness you’ve arrived!”
Accommodating Cow: “MOOO.”
Mother: “We have no milk for Junior’s cereal-“
Child: “My name is Craig.”
Mother: “-Craig’s cereal, Accommodating Cow! What can we do?”
Accommodating Cow: “MOO.”
Mother: “How’s that?”
Accommodating Cow: “MOOO!”
Mother:Do you understand what she’s saying?”
Child: “I don’t speak cow, Mom.”
Accommodating Cow: “MOOOO!”
Mother:Oh! If only there was someone who understood cow!”
Accommodating Cow: “MOO-MOO? MOO!”
Child: “*Sigh* This isn’t going anywhere, is it?”
Mother: “If we only knew what she was trying to say!”
Accommodating Cow: “MOO!-OOO!-OOO!!!”
Child: “Okay, I gotta get to school, now.”
Mother: “You’re not leaving this table until you’ve finished your cigarette!”
Accommodating Cow: “Huff! Huff! MOOOOO!!! MOOOOO!!!”
Child: “Yeah, you were a big help! Stupid cow!”


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