Lemme tell you something…


ECEvery morning that it didn’t rain The Night Before (and it does at least once a week here), I go out and lightly water the yard and plants by hand with my garden hose.

I do it when the dawn breaks, never in the dark, so I don’t wind up standing on a brand new fire ant bed built The Night Before.

This is Texas, we’re in a drought. We have to conserve water, yet at the same time, surrounded by so much green growing life, we can’t let our surroundings, trees, grasslands, everything, turn into dried out fire traps. So we water when it doesn’t rain.

This is Houston, so outside there are cockroaches the size of my thumb. I have the thumbs of a 6.2 tall man. I’ve no problem with cockroaches outside of my house. I see one on its back, I use the hose to flip them over so they can go about their business.

I love all manner of varmints. Even wasps: they never bother me. Sometimes one will land on my shoulder or arm. I just blow them off, and they float away on their way.

For the past two weeks though, as I take about 15 minutes to slowly spray in the back yard, there is this one wasp that, as soon as I spray up in a way that the water glitters in the sunshine, it comes out of nowhere and flies through the mist just beneath the main force of the water. Then it lands on the ground beneath the arc, and lets the water wet it. I never spray directly at the wasp, it catches the falling mist part of the spray.

When I move the spray away, it flies up and toward it again, to be under the arc. If I move the spray very slowly, it walks, bobbling along the many blades of grass, staying under the spray. It only does this in the backyard. It never follows me to the front.

Two weeks of this.

Today I looked online to see what the lifespan of a wasp is. It varies by species but the general lifespan of a worker wasp is about 40 days.

Out of all the various wasps and other insects around here, this particular one; reveals its own identity by coming around a certain time of the day, to a certain part of the yard, because it has come to expect an enjoyable light shower of water.

In about two or three weeks, this wasp with his or her special personality, will be dead.

I’m a bit bummed by that. I’m going to miss this wasp.


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