Lemme tell you something…


ECWife (at her computer): “Netflix is telling me to upgrade my media player.”
Me (distracted, at my computer): “So do it.”
Wife: “Okay.”
Me (my inner Peter Lorre voice shouts in my head “Wake up you fool! 3-Alarm Firewall Emergency!!!): “Wait it’s YOU! *DON’T* do it!”
Wife: “What?!?”
Me (rushing over): “Let me see!” (an obvious Spyware/phishing/virus pop-up against a grey background) “NOOO! Shit! You didn’t do anything, did you?”
Wife: “No, I-!”
Me: “Good, just get out of there!”
Wife: (reaches for the keyboard)
Me:*DON’T TOUCH*!!! I mean YOU get out of THAT chair!”
Wife: “Fine! FINE! WTF?”
Me: “This isn’t Netflix! Look! Does the address bar *say* Netflix?!?”
Wife: “Hm. No, but so what?”
Me (Exasperated): “SO?!? (POINT! POINT! POINT!) WHAT?!? (POINT! POINT! POINT!) So NETFLIX Isn’t Telling You SHIT!”
Wife: “Very dramatic. Jesus, what an actor.”
Me: “GAH!!!”
I hard close the browser then run Spybot. Then I run anti-virus. Then I specifically Live scan the Firefox browser just in case something got by the regular scan. Firefox should have caught this and not allowed it. Then again, her Netcraft toolbar should have blocked it as well.

I re-open Firefox (do *not* clear cookies. I need to fully track this bastard down!). Because of the hard close, the code anticipates a possible problem and gives me a list of boxes to choose from – ones to remove or keep as it safely brings up all open tabs.

There it is. My wife mis-typed Netflix and typed Nexflex instead. Nexflex is an attack site which redirects to the attack page hosted by, of course, puercos.org.

puercos.org is run out of Panama and as far as I’ve ever seen, does nothing but redirect to hosted Internet assholes out to zombify your computer.

Unfortunately, my wife thinks I’m over-reacting. We have an anti-virus software to protect her computer, so what’s the big deal?

She says this, even while her virus-damaged netbook (The one I was POINTing atdestroyed just last month. Waiting for me to buy a new hard drive for it to restore its former glory) sits next to her. My wife is smart about many things, but not the Internet. Worse: She never knows, she never learns, and she never cares (about the workings of computers and cars. I just don’t get this blasé attitude she has for equipment she relies upon so much).

I swear I could actually feel a brown hair in my beard burn to gray. Or maybe it was another age line slicing it’s way across my face.



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