Lemme tell you something…


by E.C. McMullen Jr.
Copyright 2013

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“Dispatch. I just found a pack of them, grouped by the south side entrance of the comic convention.”

“You fucking zombies.” I growled.

The second I hoisted my baseball bat, the zombie fell back shouting,
Girl: Hey! WAIT! It’s cosplay, stupid! I’m not a real zombie!
Me: That’s what they all say!
Girl: STOP! Listen! Zombies can’t talk!
Me: Then quiet, you!




I fell back against the wall, panting from exertion as the rest ran away screaming. I’m alone to face the soul-searing horror of what I’m doing. Stopping the undead feels like I’m killing real people. You don’t get used to it, or at least, I can’t get used to it.

My soul? My human compassion? They are temblors running through my body, threatening to crumble me on the spot into a sobbing incoherent mess.

That’s a luxury.

I have to be iron, have to be strong or else I’ll be helplessly crying over what I’ve done; what I’m doing; what I have to do. When that happens, when you lose it, that’s when they’ll all come for you, mob you, overwhelm you, and make you one of them.

“God damn it they fucking move like us! Sound like us! They almost look like us!”

I can no longer afford Sorrow and remorse: Not if humanity is to survive. I woke  this morning surrounded by death. Everywhere I look the dead are rising. People I most treasured in the world, my wife and children, my family, all became monsters some time in the night. We are All Becoming Monsters.

This is not about me. There is no me now that everyone I loved is dead. This is about humanity. For that higher purpose there’s no time for hesitation or pity in a zombie apocalypse.

Because there are a whole lot more of them over THERE!

All of them shouting, “MADMAN!” “HE’S INSANE!” “RUN!”

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