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7 Bad Storytelling Habits That We All Learned from Superhero Comics

Thor_Heimdall350…more often than not, Charlie Jane Anders nails it, and particularly with this article, and specifically this paragraph, that hits right on my comic geek peeve.

“— plus superhero comics gave us the weird trend of creating female versions of male characters, like She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl or Ms. Marvel. Instead of getting to be their own heroes, female characters often got stuck becoming the “girl” versions of the “men.”

Marvel: “Hey! We’re all about diversity at Marvel! Why, for Thor, we took the only servant from the series, Heimdall, and made him Black! It was a very controversial decision for us!”

Me: “Heimdall: the “Whitest of the gods” in Norse mythology, is now black.”

Marvel: “Hey! Don’t be so racist! Embrace the diversity!”

Me: “So his sister Sif is also black?

Marvel: “No, no. Oh hell no. She’s still white. And she’s a great warrior!”

Me: “Fine. What does the great warrior Heimdall do in your movie?”

Marvel: “He’s not a warrior anymore. He’s now a Doorman.”

Me: “He…! What the hell?”

Marvel: “We also lightened his dark brown eyes with contacts! Nobody else, just him. They looked too “ethnic”, for a Norse god. ”

Me: “WHAT THE-?”

Marvel: “He also doesn’t get to fight for Asgard, eat, drink, or make merry with the other gods anymore. In fact, he doesn’t get to live in their city, either. We made him so he has to stay far away from the rest of the gods because, after all, he’s now a black servant!”

Me: “WHAT?!?”

Marvel: “He wears a lot of gold, you know like some urban rappers, but winds up unemployed! The End!”


If you are serious about diversity, then make people their own superhero (y’know, like BLADE, BLACK PANTHER, LUKE CAGE, SPAWN). And not a desexualized quarter human (or less) like Cyborg: The only black guy in the Justice League is machine from the chest down? The hell?!?

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