Lemme tell you something…


Ticks“Don’t let those pesky annoying ticks stop you.”

Ha! Don’t I know it!

I wanted to go out last weekend but the ticks tried to stop me. They said,

Tick 1: Feo, are you nuts? You don’t want to go camping this weekend!
Me: Why? What’s the deal?
Tick 2: (shivering in disgust) Ticks, man! Brr! Fucking ticks!
Ticks 3 & 4: Blech!
Tick 1: They creep me out!
Me: WTH? *You’re* all ticks.
Tick 2: (offended) Hey now! We’re indoor ticks.
Tick 4: Obviously!
Tick 1:  Cultured and refined.
Tick 4: We’re not like those wild ticks out there!
Tick 3: Yeah, man!
Tick 4: Those wild ticks are disease ridden blood suckers, dude!
Tick 3: That’s right!
Tick 2: They’ll fuck your shit up!
Tick 1: You don’t want to mess with them!
Tick 3: Yeah, man!
Cockroach: I know, right? Just like us indoor roaches vs outdoor roaches.
Me: Gah! Fucking Cockroach! Get him!
Ticks: KILL!!!
Cockroach: (screaming and running for it’s life): YAHHHH!!!


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