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TOTAL RECALL, 1990. Carolco Pictures

TOTAL RECALL, 1990. Carolco Pictures

Cohaagen: “Hauser! Stop strangling yourself!”
Quaid: “BOT I CON’T BREADE!!!”
Cohaagen: “Because you’re digging your fingers into your windpipe! Just stop it!”
Quaid: “BOT I…! I… Oh. Huh!”
Cohaagen: “Better?”
Quaid: “Moch.”
Cohaagen: SHEESH! Here, have a Snickers.”
Quaid: “Vhy?”
Cohaagen: “Because you think you’re Quaid when you’re on Mars.”
Quaid: “Okay.”
Cohaagen: “Whoa! Wait! I almost gave you the Blue Snickers! We’d have to go through this bloody shoot ’em up shit all over again. Here. Take the Red Snickers.”
Quaid: “Nom.”
Cohaagen: “Better?”
Hauser: “Better. But what about all of those deformed people?”
Cohaagen: “Bah! They did it to themselves. Them and their 64 ounce sugary sodas. I’ve since outlawed Big Gulps.”
Hauser: “Huh?”
Cohaagen: “For the sake of the children.”
Hauser: “Ah.”
Cohaagen: “Well that and we’re all space pioneers, terraforming the hostile environment of an alien planet. We knew the risks. Hell, I’ve had cancer three times now.”
Hauser: “Whoa!”
Cohaagen: “Yep. See the new growth right here?”
Hauser: “Hmm. It’s not a toomah. LOL”
Cohaagen (silent stare for a beat): “You know what? Eat the damn Blue Snickers.”


Story by E.C. McMullen Jr.

Review at Feo Amante’s Horror Thriller

Still from the motion Picture, TOTAL RECALL

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