Lemme tell you something…


PumpkinBehold ye frail, mortal children! You have summoned my Terrible Wrath from the Dark Abyss!

Only so long as this Summoning Circle remains unbroken, can you avoid the Terror of my Awesome Might!
I will grant each of you three wishes, so that you may visit my Hellish Power upon thine enemies!
But know that using these wishes grants me the Damnable Torment of your Eternal Souls!
(sniff? sniff!)
Do I smell…? Wait! You summoned me through a …YOU SET THE SUMMONING CIRCLE ON FIRE?!?


Story Copyright 2013 by E.C. McMullen Jr.

Image by permission of Heather Gleason, from her upcoming Halloween Book filled with her art poems and Short Stories (but not this story), titled,
The Mysterious Spooky Stories Of My Eclectic Mind

Out this fall, 2013. Visit Heather at MyEclecticMind.com


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