Lemme tell you something…


MoreauDR. MOREAU: “You, there! Ape-man!”
BEAST MAN: “I’m not an ape-man, Master.”
DR. MOREAU: “Sorry. Wolf-man!”
BEAST MAN: “I’m not a wolf-man, either.”
DR. MOREAU: “Oh. Sorry again… uh…  You’re not a …uh… a Pa-anth… ?
BEAST MAN: (shaking head, No)
DR. MOREAU: “No. No, of course not. A …ah… Lio-o… noo..  Ti-ig…uh.. eetahh?”
BEAST MAN: (shaking head, No)
DR. MOREAU: “Oh hell! A Peccary…?”
BEAST MAN: “Don’t you remember, Master?”
DR. MOREAU: “Terribly sorry! Christ, how embarrassing!  … um. *Sigh* Well to be frank, I’ve gotten so carried away with my research I can’t remember anymore.”
BEAST MAN: “I’m a Laughing Hyena-man.”
DR. MOREAU: *COUGH!* “Christ! A Laughing HYENA-MAN ?!? Good Lord! You’ve gotta be KIDDING  me!”
BEAST MAN: “You made me, master. You created me.”
DR. MOREAU: “Well… yeah, I know but. Damn! Are you putting me on?”
BEAST MAN: “I would never deceive you, Master. For to break the Law is to enter -”
DR. MOREAU: “Sure, sure. House of Pain and all that.”
BEAST MAN: “What is your bidding, Master?”
DR. MOREAU: “Whew! It’s just that I’ve so totally spaced on ordering a Laughing Hyena for my research. (stares off) Weird!”
BEAST MAN: “Master?”
DR. MOREAU: “Eh? Oh. Screw it. You know what? It doesn’t matter. Just go run and fetch me that broad over there!”
BEAST MAN: “Right away, Master! (runs off) Ah Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”
DR. MOREAU: “A God damn Laughing Hyena – MAN! Shit! I must have been tripping balls when I ordered that one.”


Story by E.C. McMullen Jr.

Still from the motion Picture, ISLAND OF LOST SOULS

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