Lemme tell you something…


ECPrincess of whales: How a naked female scientist tries to tame belugas in the freezing Arctic

Male Scientist: Hey Natalia! Well, me and the guys finally figured it out.

We’ve been going about this all  wrong. Beluga whales don’t like artificial stuff. Yeah. When you touch them with clothing, gloves, diving suit, they don’t like it. See their expression? That’s them not liking it.

To do our whale research right, I’m afraid our only choice is for you to take all your clothes off.

(to the side) Boris, knock it off!

He’s childish. Doesn’t even have his Master’s yet, right? Heh!

Yeah, you’ll have to swim naked with them. I’d do it, but my… health. You know? You’re much healthier than me. Plus the whole penis / testicle thing. Just not evolutionarily evolved for such cold water over extended-

(to the side) Boris, STFU! 

What? Oh Boris didn’t say anything. Forget him. Boris is an idiot.

Yeah, I know, that freezing water is pretty nipply – er – nippy, but it’s the only way. It’s for the whales, y’know?

Whoa! You’re really gonna do it then?


I mean… cool. That’s cool, y’know?

Good call.

So while you’re getting undressed, I’m going to just get all this on video… y’know, for Science!


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