Lemme tell you something…


cryptohistoryfeoHow does spacetime get bent?

Easy enough to explain.

The Universe is torus shaped. Everything IN the Universe is connected TO the Universe because it all IS the Universe (yes, even that jerk sitting over there), and the weakest energy we know – gravity – is the very dynamo that pulls it all together. Not as a single mainframe reaching tendrils out across the abyss, but as an unimaginably vast series of networked nodules that fraction the oneness of all gravitational pull right down to their very atoms.

Does the Universe have a consciousness?

Of course.

The Universe has a consciousness because all is contained within it (which is why it gets capitalized, there is only one). If there was only a single consciousness at a single point in the Universe, and that lone consciousness was drunk off her ass and wondering why nobody wanted to hang out with her, she would be the Universal consciousness (that whole Everything Is The Universe dealy-bop I mentioned earlier). Nature abhors a vacuum but the Universe loves the idea of being “Torus-Shaped”. It melds harmoniously with the Universal consciousness

In short – The Universe is “At One” with being torus shaped.

But when some backward fucking yahoo says Doughnut-shaped, instead of Torus-shaped*, that REALLY gets the Universe bent!

Further reading (because, hey! I could be wrong!)
NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment

Space-Time And The Speed Of Light | Einstein’s Relativity

*No doubt that drunk idiot and her lone consciousness, screwing it all up for the rest of us!


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