Lemme tell you something…


ECFirst, there was this,

Barnes & Noble Bows To Apple And Amazon; Exits Tablet Business

To which I made this observation early today,

This is not the first time B&N threatened to abandon the Nook.

And whether Microsoft buys it or not, someone (likely already making tablets) will buy Nook since the user base, while small compared to Amazon and Apple, is too large to ignore. In an arena where 6% is a joyously significant sales increase, that audience will provide a hefty lift to whoever incorporates Nook technology into their next generation of tablets and smartphones.

On the other hand, if no one wants the Nook and current customers are faced with the dilemma of losing all of their book purchases and starting over? That will create a huge distrust of all future eBook purchases not only for the Nook audience, but for the other eBook buyers who notice and wonder.

No tech lasts forever, ask anyone who replaced their VHS with DVD and DVD with Blu-Ray or streaming. Ask anyone who replaced their tapes and records with CDs and their CDs with MP3s.



Difference between movies, music, and books is, you can’t make the book look any better in your mind. You can’t make a book full of text sound any better. All an eReader does is make carrying them around more convenient (but! The latest eReader holographic-ly projects the words into the air! I can read the book, In The Air!
The Words Are In The Air!!!
THE AIR!!!).

Nope. That story is as good as it’s gonna get!

Now for the UPDATE!
Barnes & Noble to Discontinue Nook Tablet Business, Continue With E-Readers


Barnes and Noble has decided to follow the business model of little start-up Microsoft vs gargantuan IBM (circa 1980). Why limit your tech to a single manufacturer (Beta vs VHS – circa 1984) when you can license it to everyone (Android vs Apple – circa 2007 to current)?

Assume as always that people will separate into two groups: Those who want the name brand and those who want the greater bang for the buck.

I’m all for Amazon (they give authors their own page. WTF, Barnes and Noble? How many damn boats can you miss, already?), but personally, I don’t see Jeff Bezos being able to create a mindless consumer cult around himself the way Steve Jobs did.

Buying the latest Nook from a new manufacturer isn’t a game changer or product killer.

Eventually people who own any tech will buy newer tech. Kindle has gone through several generations now and watched their customers “grade up”.  Consumers do that so long as the new tech runs their old stuff. How many of us replaced our VHS players? CD players? Hell! Some folks may already be on their second Blu-Ray player. And nearly all Blu-Ray players are made to be compatible with DVDs and many with CDs.

Sony and Nintendo (and to a lesser extent, Microsoft) know to make their players somewhat backward compatible and video games have the highest consumer turn-over rate of all recorded media. People rarely hold onto those things.

Caveat: My eBook, PERPETUAL BULLET is available both for the amazon Kindle as well as the B&N Nook.


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