Lemme tell you something…


didyouknoPersonally, I love clowns and don’t find them scary at all. But a meme is a meme, so…

Igor: It’s vorking, doktor! Ve haf successfully murdered da souls of untold number of children! Der fear uv clowns is spreading like virus mitout us! Der terror has truly taken on a life of its own!
Doktor: Gott in himmel, gud henchmen are so hard to vind!
Igor: Denk you, Doktor!
Doktor: Und you’re precious!
Igor: … uh… vhat?
Doktor: YES! You are correct, Igor!
Igor: Vhat iss das about der prec-?
Docktor: BUT! Ve haf not fully eradicated der love of puppies. Ve must terrify dem to da point of der kinder killing dogs und puppies on sight, until only der love of cats remain!
Mistress: Here kitty! Kitty! Kitty!
Doktor: Oop! I must go! It’s dinner time! Ve vill pick dis up tomorrow night.
Igor: Vhat are ve doing tomorrow night?
Mistress: Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!
Doktor: Der same ting ve do every night! Try und take over da VORLD!

The Mickey Mouse roll call for spotted references sounds off now.


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