Lemme tell you something…


ECCustomer: Could I have some Grey Poupon on my hotdog?
Server: Ugh! Uh… sorry. Mine only comes in brown.
Customer: NO! No brown. Grey Poupon Mustard!
Server: EW! Well, sometimes my turds are kinda greenish!
Customer: Oh GROSS! I wanna speak to your manager!
Server: Sure.
Manager: I’m sorry. What seems to be the problem?
Customer: I asked for Grey Poupon on my hotdog and your-
Manager: GAH! You sick F*CK! Get the hell out of my shop!
Customer: But-!
Manager: Get the f*ck out! I’m reserving my right not to serve you! NOW GIT!
Daddy Customer: Hey pal! Language! We have kids over here!
Manager: I sincerely apologize sir, but that customer was beyond the pale.
Mommy Customer: Well watch your language around our children!
Manager: I will. And I apologize again. I’m running a family restaurant here and that customer was making disgusting demands.
Daddy Customer (whispering): What did she say?
Manager (whispering): She asked for Grey Poupon on her hotdog.
Daddy Customer: (whispering): Oh. Well, do you have any brown turds?
Manager: Oh sure! I’ll have your server get it from the back.


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