Lemme tell you something…



Ross: “Everybody just calm down! Calm the fuck down! Now. Meta. Tell us what you saw out there.”
Meta: “It’s crazy.”
Ross: “Shut up! Everyone! Shut the fuck up! Meta. Please. Just tell us what you saw.”
Meta: “They’re changing. Evolving or something.”
Shirk: “Bullshit, man! Evolving? They’re fucking zombies! They’re not having babies!”
Meta: “No. They are. They’re breeding.”
Shirk: “Fuck You!”
Ross: (Whips up gun and pushes the barrel into Shirk’s mouth) “Eat a fucking bullet if you interrupt one more goddamn time!”
Shirk freezes, terrified.
Ross: (To Meta) “Go on.”
Meta: “They’re breeding. And what comes out looks less like us. The newborns crawl in a matter of minutes. Walk in a matter of hours.”
Ross: “Jesus. How many of them are there?”
Meta: “How many? That sound you hear out there? It ain’t a mob of zombies. It’s the brood!”

Copyright 2013, E.C. McMullen Jr.


Want a pretty picture of you too? Go Walking Dead yourself!

AMCTV/Walking Dead Yourself.


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