Lemme tell you something…


ECCan Broadcasters Beat Aereo At Its Own Game?
Networks could cut into livestreaming service’s business by livestreaming themselves


BD: Check it out, we’ll make money charging people to watch free TV whenever they want! I call it LiveStreaming!
ME: “Can’t they do that now, without paying for it?”
BD: Well yeah, but not on their mobile devices! We’ll use the power of *little antennas*! It’s really cheap! Think about it! LiveStreaming!
ME: “Ah!”
BD: Yeah, and we don’t have to pay for the content! ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, and all will pay for our content and we’ll re-broadcast it for free via LiveStreaming!
ME: I live in the 21st Century, I grasp the concept of live streaming.
BD: Sure, but we’re putting the two words together and capitalizing the ‘L’ and ‘S’. We’re getting it registered so we can own it. LiveStreaming!
ME: “Fine. Anyway, isn’t that stealing?”
BD: …mmmmmebbe.
ME: “Isn’t it illegal?”
BD: Look. We’ll let the courts decide!
ME: “Won’t we get sued?”
BD: …mmmmlikely, but again, we’ll let the courts decide.
ME: “Aren’t those court costs going to be expensive?”
BD: Sure, but we have lawyers on retainer anyway, they might as well earn their pay.
ME: “The big broadcasters have their own lawyers on retainer as well: Big pools of lawyers. And they have *Big* antennas already up. So what’s to stop the major broadcasters from live streaming their own content to mobile devices for free, today?”
BD: What?
ME: “What is to stop- wait. You haven’t considered this in your business plan? Seriously?”
BD: What?
ME: “What do you mean, ‘What?’ You want my investment. Do you have a profit-making strategy or not?”
BD: What?

Copyright 2013, E.C. McMullen Jr.


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