Lemme tell you something…


ECHEADLINE LINK: Man sets up video camera to film ghosts in kitchen – and catches girlfriend having sex with teenage son

22 May 2013 09:56
The father was hoping to capture paranormal activity but was horrified to see footage of his 28-year-old lover kissing and cuddling his 16-year-old son

No Ghost, Butt…

Girlfriend: “It’s not our fault, honey! Something about this house…!”
Son: “Yeah! The house!”
Girlfriend: “It’s like we weren’t ourselves or something!”
Son: “It was weird!”
Girlfriend: “I can’t explain it!”
Father: ” … (sigh) I can.”
Son: “Wha?”
Girlfriend: “You… can?”
Father: “This is all my fault.”
Girlfriend/Son: “Really?
Father: “It’s the GHOST! I KNEW about the ghost! And I left you alone in the house with it! It’s possessing YOU to get back at ME! I did this too you! I put you in harms way! OMG I’m SO sorry! Forgive me!
Girlfriend: “Uh… sure.”
Father: “*SOB*! Please Forgive Me!
Son: “Wait … Let me get this straight …”
Girlfriend: (stomps on son’s foot)
Son: “er… we have a ghost?”
Son: “Wow. Uh. Okay.”

Copyright 2013 by E.C. McMullen Jr.


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