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The Last Damned Pirate

Noahs_Ark_Mariusz_LewandowskiTHE LAST DAMNED PIRATE
by E.C. McMullen Jr.
Copyright 2013

It came before the  dawn in the early, eerie morning night. A leaning tower of smoke roiling high in the starry sky, and a burning ember on the horizon, advanced on the Caribbean island in a boiling sphere of light.

Even from its distance, you could hear the approaching sound of this false sun: it was screaming. Uncountable numbers of voices crying in terrified, endless, agony.

The sleepy coastal town was thick with traitorous sailors, still in slumber. Yet a few early risers, wakened by an inexplicable dread, peered through their spyglasses at the distant blaze – then as one each held their breath.

The light was no natural phenomenon.

A mighty burning ironsides, fueled with the agonized souls of the damned, came plowing through the boiling waters, steady and true as a starving tiger, toward the seaside village.

It was a chest clutching sight, too terrible to look away from, too horrific to believe.

The infernal vessel didn’t sail under its own power. It was a derelict pulled along by a horseman who rode his beast upon the water, towing a ship of the damned from behind.

With that sight, the portent was unmistakable. All were warned that this prophesied day would come. The murderous, thieving, slavers: unmerciful pirates of the Spanish Main, had their fears as well. They whispered of the fearful legendary ship that made the drowning depths of Davey Jones’ locker seem a comfort by comparison. They knew, yet all were still unprepared for the consequence.

As such there was no escape. It was the end for the damned brigands of Pirate’s Cove. Death came for them on a pale horse, towing the devil’s own ship of unspeakable torment: El Horno de Infierno.

The only hope for flight was the vast mountains and deserts of other lands far and away: a fate these errant Sons of the Sea would have considered hell on other merits.

Not that the choice existed any more. For Pirate’s Cove was a coral reef island, and the very ocean boiled forth to deliver unmerciful punishment to her vilest of children.


Over the following decades, seafarers couldn’t explain the utter disappearance of Pirates Cove from the coral reef island.

Perhaps there had been a fire or storm, or maybe the storm caused the fire. Maybe the pirates themselves, fleeing the relentless pursuit of the Queen’s own Royal Navy and the John Company, abandoned their village and, being sailors, scuttled the village to bare rock.

Maybe the silent hand of the John Company swept the cove clean.

All we know is that the once infamous Pirates Cove, the original “Wretched hive of scum and villainy”, vanished without a trace and slipped into the fog of history.


The Art Inspires The Story –

That’s my story, now for the artist who inspired it.

The artist’s name is Mariusza Lewandowskiego aka Mariusz Lewandowski, and because I don’t speak or read Polish, I’ve no idea if this is a man or woman. But the artwork is stunning in a way I’ve rarely seen in modern art.

At first glance the paintings could be book covers, mere illustrations. But almost immediately one sees the fuller image expressed and realizes Mariusza’s artistic merit: There’s nothing bombastic or superhero here.

Check out more of this awesome work at http://www.mariuszlewandowski.pl.

As of this posting, this painting is also for sale.

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