Lemme tell you something…

One Last Look


It was the year I’d just come off of making three feature films (THE SORROW, MINE GAMES, and MIKEY BOY) as well as a few short films.



It was the year I finally buckled down, made a book cover, and released to ebook, a collection of my previously published short stories as well as some new ones. That book is called PERPETUAL BULLET and so far all the responses have been very positive, which is nice.

Throughout 2012 my desire to run feoamante.com dried up as the people in my life and the people I respected sickened and died.

It was the year Ray Bradbury died. I won’t be attending his birthdays held every year at the Mysterious Bookstore in Glendale, anymore.

It was the year I said goodbye to my friends and family in Los Angeles and left for San Diego, to work on a movie that never materialized, and my wife left Los Angeles for Houston, to help her sisters with their new business.

2012 was the year I spoke on a panel at none other than the San Diego Comic-Con, to a packed house  about my experiences in eBook land.

2012 was the year my good friend R.C. McCord died.

It was the year one scandal and cover-up after another piled high on top of our president, our country sank into the mire, and all of the people, personal and public, individual and media, who always pretend to care about such things, didn’t. Not even a little, and I realized they had always been phony.

I’ll never forget that.

Mom's favorite photo of

Mom’s favorite photo of “her boys” is from 2008. Mom & Pop’s 50th wedding anniversary, when Mom kicked off the celebrations by having a ruptured appendicitis and waiting over 24 hours to go to the doctor for it (I was busy – Mom). Sean and I carried Pop like this so it could look like he was walking with us, instead of being pushed in his chair.

2012 was the year we were put on Death watch: My Pop’s long years of suffering with Parkinson’s Disease came to a close.

He died in September.

Mom's second favorite photo from her Golden 50th Anniversary: her Nuke Fam. Celebrating in a freaking hospital!

Mom’s second favorite photo from her Golden 50th Anniversary: her Nuke Fam. Celebrating in a freaking hospital!

2012 was the year I called Harlan Ellison, like I do every year, to wish him a Happy Birthday. This time I did so because I knew that he was mourning the death of someone he loved. I spoke with care, and as always, kept it brief. One way or another, for one reason or another, there will come a time when I can’t make those calls anymore.

October 2012 caught me unaware when a good acquaintance and Facebook friend, Bruce Priveterre, had a stroke and died soon after.

November caught me unaware when a good acquaintance, co-worker on our 2010 webseries, UNIVERSAL DEAD, and facebook friend, Rob Guzzo, died. To the end, he was proud to be a Navy Seal.

November 2012 was also the month my wife and I couldn’t bear to be apart anymore, got together and packed up the car along with our friend and cat, Nina, and went to Texas to visit family for the Holidays. We said goodbye to my family and friends in San Diego.

We visited family in Arizona.

I’m never happier than when I’m with my wife, friends, and family.

2012 was the year I met writers and Facebook friends, Hank Schwaebel and Rhodi Hawk in person, and we enjoyed a massive meal at their palatial estate.

2012 was the year I reunited with my family in Houston and we all opened our hearts to each other almost, but not quite, as if Luz and I had never left Texas.

2012 was the year I realized how much I’d missed Texas and Houston.

2012 was every good and every bad thing that happened in my life and your life in the space of a single year.

2012 was hell.

2012 was wonderful.

I’m glad to see it gone.

Here’s a virtual toast to a better year!

Welcome 2013.


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