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For 2013: Fear The Reaper

Fear The Reaper, edited by Joe Mynhardt

Fear The Reaper, edited by Joe Mynhardt

Back in November I was invited to submit a story to Crystal Lake Publishing’s upcoming Horror anthology, FEAR THE REAPER.

Editor Joe Mynhardt, invited me personally and the TOC (author Table Of Contents) he’d assembled at that stage was already pretty impressive.

Joe McKinney, Gary Fry, Stephen Bacon, Dean M Drinkel, Sam Stone, Eric S Brown, Mark Sheldon, Steve Lockley, Robert Shane Wilson, Jeremy C Shipp, Jeff Strand, and Lawrence Santoro to name a few (get the current list at CrystalLakePub.com). The introduction will be written by Gary McMahon.

So I pondered a new story.

Days passed.

I had a nightmare.

There was my story!

I mentally flipped through many titles while writing it, finally deciding on Cedo Looked Like People.

I had it read by a few of my highly, ruthlessly critical friends (I don’t want my ass kissed, I want to write a great story), who all gave me sound verbal spankings. I coalesced their advice into the vapor of human existence (I rewrote great gouts of my tale), passed it through a few of them again, and got various stages of approval from wild to “Not bad”.

I was ready to send it in, and in December I did.

Okay, a few more touch-ups.

Just a few more.

Okay, now!

Well, nobody likes rejection: not even writers.

So you can imagine how I felt when, after a few days, Joe Mynhardt wrote me back to say, “I absolutely loved your Fear the Reaper story. It was absolutely brilliant.”

Which was nice and all, but you notice the distinct lack of exclamation points? I’m going to fixate on that for quite some time, I think.

Kidding! I kid!

I’m glad Joe enjoyed it and now I’m going to be part of this print Horror anthology, FEAR THE REAPER, to be released in October, 2013.

Of course it is intentionally in time for Halloween. So you’ll just have to patiently bide your time before you discover the whole terrible reason why Cedo Looked Like People.


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