Lemme tell you something…

A Hard September

I haven’t blogged in a while.

My Pop had Parkinsons for about 18 years and in September, he went into his final stage. In his last week we were on deathwatch and he died on September 27, 2012.

I could make brief quips about trivial stuff on Facebook, but I couldn’t actually blog about anything here that seemed to matter.

The day after my Pop died, my Facebook friend, Bruce Priveterre suffered a stroke.

A week and a half later, Bruce died. Though I only knew Bruce from Facebook, we talked often, agreed and argued. Bruce was intelligent, witty, kind, generous, and honest.

His death, on the heels of my Pop’s death, was like a magnifying glass over my emotional state.

September 2012 was for shit, and my attitude isn’t much better. I’m working on improving that last part.

Better stuff soon.


One response

  1. Beverly A. Thompson

    I am so sad to know that Bruce died! I found out by searching your site;I have been away from Facebook for awhile,but came back to discover his page was removed.I am so sorry for his family.I,too did not know him well, but he seemed to be a nice man.I talked to Bruce a few times ,a very intelligent man! Please accept my condolences for your dear father; I know what it feels like to lose parents. Beverly A, Thompson

    October 25, 2012 at 7:33 am

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