Lemme tell you something…


Moving forward on our Science Fiction SteamPunk teaser trailer for Jimmy Digg’s “Spotlight On Crypto-History.”

Shooting at Peter D’s in San Diego! Jimmy Diggs watches as I mix the blood. Yes, he’s worried if we really need that much blood!


Okay, we’ve got our bad guy on the floor and bleeding. thanks Russel (Russell Lender)!
As for everyone else. I’ll need you over here. You right there, and you? I need you to GTFO!


The Crew!
Feo Amante (Producer, Director, Actor), Robert Djxehro Betancourt, Mark O’Bannon (Actor), Jared Lamp, Jimmy Diggs Creator, Writer, Producer, Actor), Robert E Jones (Gun Props), Russell Lender (Assistant Director, Actor), Mike Collins  Jr., Cyprian Iwuaba, and Micheal Collins Sr. (Producer, Cameraman).

Okay. I’ll need to see you all tomorrow in Heritage Park in Old Town San Diego!


Heritage Park – The Heroes:
Jimmy Diggs as Professor Jimmy Diggs. Feo Amante as Dr. Feo Amante! Mark O’Bannon as Mark O’Bannon!

There was also this mysterious woman who showed up while we were shooting and became an instant fan. Go figure. At least she was dressed right for the period, kinda.

We shot our movie at Gunpoint!

Next call time is today at 2:00pm!


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