Lemme tell you something…


Poster for DRAWING DEAD by Feo AmanteDefinition –
Poker term: when there is no dealer card left that can give you a winning hand.

You are Drawing Dead!

Kelly Parks and I have worked together on various projects from way back. He was my first movie reviewer for Feo Amante’s Horror Thriller. He produced my short film, LAST CALL. He wrote, produced, and directed most of the series, THE CRUSADER. He wrote and produced the web series, UNIVERSAL DEAD. And he produced the upcoming feature film, THE SORROW. The current feature he and I are working on is DRAWING DEAD. Kelly is the writer and producer.

In the past we’ve worked with actors like D.B. Sweeney, Michael Madsen, John Savage, Annemarie Pazmino, Yvonne Delarosa, and Valerie Perez.

For DRAWING DEAD we’re reuniting with actors Doug Jones (UNIVERSAL DEAD, PAN’S LABYRINTH) and Gary Graham (ALIEN NATION [TV], STAR TREK ENTERPRISE [TV], UNIVERSAL DEAD). We’re also excited to be working with an old friend, filmmaker and actor, Chris Staviski (CHILLERAMA).

DRAWING DEAD will also feature music by composer Boris Zelkin (IF… DOG… RABBIT, UNIVERSAL DEAD) and Special Effects Make-up by Johnnie Saiko (HOLLOW MAN, THE 6th DAY, MONSTER MAN [TV]).

How are we raising the money for DRAWING DEAD? Crowd sourcing at Indiegogo!! Here is more info from Kelly –

Hey! Like poker? Like horror? Then you’ll love our gory, scary, awesome poker horror movie, “Drawing Dead”, the story of the best poker player in the world forced to play against his top rivals — including his best friend — in a game of Texas Hold’em for their souls.

The script won the Script Savvy Screenplay Competition. Here’s a quote from the judges: “The tone of the piece is dark but still humorous. The gore is gruesome and highly effective.”

So get involved in helping us make it and you might win a chance to die a grisly death… in the movie.


(some of the skull in this image is from rgstock777’s excellent skull photos! http://rgstock777.deviantart.com/ )


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